This page currently documents some information security related personal projects that I am working on.

Malware Hash Tables

NOTE: You must be a registered member of this site to access the Malware Hash Tables

I am currently working on obtaining malware samples and will be posting hash tables for these samples since I have been quite frustrated in finding people who are willing to release their entire hash tables. The tables will contain file information as well as the MD5 and SHA1 hash of the file. Since this takes a considerable amount of time to do, I am thinking of making certain tables available only on a subscription based basis. I have not fully decided yet.

PLEASE NOTE: Under no circumstances will live malware samples be distributed.

Project Black Water

I have started a new project that I am refering to as “Project Black Water.” This project aims to discover malicious IP addresses. These IP addresses are known attackers as reported by a sensor I have deployed on the web. The IP addresses will be posted so that security professionals, firewall admins, etc. can monitor for malicious activity from these addresses and take appropiate action. A list of known attacker IPs is coming soon.

Please note, you will need to be a registered member of this site to obtain access to this content once released. An announcement will be posted on the main site one a list is available.

Please Note: I am only one person with limited resources, so this project will start small with the intention of growing as need and when time, volunteers, and funds permit.

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