Random Quotes

Below are some quotes that I find amusing. I have a great sense of humor, so some of these are my own.

“Don’t worry, your data is securely burning inside with the rest of the building.” – G. Silowash while participating in a disaster drill.

“Go ahead and encrypt that with the Wingdings 256-bit cipher. It will be secure…I promise.” – G. Silowash

“My computer automagically encrypts my documents using the binary cipher.” – G. Silowash

“I’m upgrading from Windows Vista to Windows XP.” -G. Silowash

“If an IT Security Professional screams in an empty cube farm, does he really make a noise?” -G. Silowash referring to a vacant cube farm over the holiday.

“Assume Nothing, and Question Everything.” – G. Silowash

“What…Do you think I have gigabytes in my back pocket?” – Sean Keefe

“I don’t like structured work. That’s why I don’t back up my computer.”- Some Crazy Agronomist

“I would have thought ethical hacker meant you stole somebody’s ID then sent them a sympathy card.” – J. Burkett

“PC v. Mac – it’s like going back to an ex-boyfriend who beats you versus an ex-boyfriend who takes all of your money.” – J. Stanley

“Having a wife is like having your identity stolen everyday. There is money missing from your bank account and nobody is responsible.” – J. Young

Management Quotes

“Do what your career can handle.” – S. Keefe

“This is not a job. This is a mission, carried out by people with fire in their eyes.” -Warren Bennis, Organizing Genius

“Americans don’t like people claiming credit for other people’s work. It violates their sense of fair play.” – Warren Bennis, Organizing Genius, pg. 42

“Not every talented person can work collaboratively, and some can do so only when their contributions are properly acknowledged.” – Warren Bennis, Organizing Genius, pg. 56

Fun, often off the wall, Quotes…

“I’m going to sit here and drink my Gatorade and eat Cheerios.” – Nick Mallik

“If it weren’t for my horse, I wouldn’t have spent that year in college.” – Lewis Black

“This cube is so full of excuses that I don’t know how any work is getting done.” – S. Keefe

“We can put a man on the moon. We can send spacecraft to Mars. Why on earth does an ultrasound photo look like the picture off one of the first TVs?” -G. Silowash

“I want to know how it is that we can receive signals back from the Voyager II spacecraft, more than 10 BILLION miles away, yet Verizon cannot manage to maintain a signal for more than two miles in certain areas here on earth.” – G. Silowash

“There is no workaround for stupidity.” – G. Silowash

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